Lucy Loud is a gloomy, cynical, deadpan, and fifth-youngest Loud sister, who is almost always sporting a stoic frown. She is interested in occultism, poetry, and the works of gothic authors.

Lucy Loud
Universe Nickelodeon
Debut The Loud House (2014)
Appears in Smash Bros Lawl X
Friends Unknown
Enemies Unknown
Rival Unknown

Special Moves Edit

Neutral B - Bats Edit

Lucy summons a bat to the battlefield. Touching them will cause damage, but they can also be attacked and knocked away. If they aren't knocked away, they perch themselves under a platform on the stage.They will stay there until Lucy uses her Up-B, Final Smash or a special move that's used on them, as the bats count as traps.

Side B - Hiding In The Shadows Edit

When using this move, the entire screen will go dark, so nothing can be seen. This lasts for 3 seconds before going back to normal. During this time, Lucy will teleport directly behind another opponent

Up B - Bat Ascension Edit

A maxinum of five bats will carry Lucy upwards for five seconds. (You need at least one bat for this to work) If you press B while floating, a bat will fly off in whatever direction Lucy is facing, damaging anyone in it's way. You can also send out all 5 bats. However, doing this will cancel the move.

Down B - Book of Spells Edit

Lucy will get out her book of spells. You can't move at all until you use one of the moves which are all B moves. Each move can only be used once per stock. However, the length of each move is completely random, and can last from 3 to 20 seconds. And no, you obviously can't use 2 moves at once.

Neutral B will cause a random opponents B moves to be disabled.

Side B will cause a random opponent to be poisoned.

Up b will cause anything a random opponent touches to stick to them, meaning they can't use items. This includes projectiles and traps, which will continually damage them until the move ends.

Down B will cause any random player controlled opponent or CPU at level 2 or above to become a level 1 CPU with no control for the player. If you use this move on a level 1 CPU, they won't move at all.

This move can be cancelled if you attack Lucy before finishing the spell.

Final Smash - Bat Attack Edit

Every bat Lucy had summoned to the stage will fly offstage, and will then fly across it, which will damage every opponent in their way. The amount of damage depends on how many bats are on the stage. So if there is only 1 bat, it will only cause 1% damage.



KOSFX 2: Sigh...

Star KOSFX: Give Him To Me!

Screen KOSFX: Uh!

Taunts Edit

Up Taunt: Sigh...

Side Taunt: I'm conducting a practice funeral, and I need a corpse

Down Taunt: (Looks At Screen & Shows Her Fangs)

Victory/Losing Options Edit

Victory 1: Sigh...

Victory 2: This Is The Greatest Day Ever! (& Turns Into A Bat & Flys Off Screen)

Victory 3: If I had a heart, it'd be swelling right now

Losing: (Lying Down Onto The Floor with her arms crossed)

Trivia Edit

  • Lucy is the first Loud House character to be playable.
  • Lucy has her hair covering her eyes.

Video Edit